Lovely Luella

Lovely Luella

Posted by Lauren Whitney on Dec 23rd 2017

The beautiful Luella Hobo Bag pattern was released today! 


I had this design in mind for the longest time. Just a simple hobo bag that every girl on the go would want to carry. With optional accent tabs on the sides, and different closure options. She really is a simple beauty that is very easy to make. 

I think my favorite thing about her is the pleat in the front. Brings a little bit of class to a simple bag that is very much needed. 

The simple divider down the center splits the bag into two, making it easy to divide your essentials. Want your makeup and lady things on one side, and your phone and electronics on the other? Easy! Just use the divider!

Get your copy here today, on sale for a limited time only! And go ahead and leave me a comment letting me know what your favorite part of this bag is.