The Soot Sprite!

The Soot Sprite!

Posted by Lauren Whitney on Jan 16th 2018

For some reason I'm having a really hard time coming up with original designs that don't look like everyone else's bags. I don't want to blend in with any other designers, and I certainly want to stand alone as an individual. So I've been taking my time trying to come up with ideas that are new, and fresh; and I believe that with my new bag design, I've done just that. 

INTRODUCING the Soot Sprite Miniature Diaper Bag!

She's cute, she's small, she carries it all!

I've been wanting to do a diaper bag for a while, but I didn't want it to bee too big and cumbersome. I decided to do a mini-diaper bag, one that would hold just enough diapers, wipes, bottles, and what not for a short 2-6 hour trip out of the house. 

She measures about 12x12x5, with a front slip pocket and magnetized flap closure. My favorite thing about this bag? The fact that it can convert from a cross-body bag to a backpack in a matter of seconds.

The back pocket is large enough to carry a small tablet or ipad, Kindle, whatever; and the side pockets make it easy to store your phone nice and snug. 

The inside features two large slip pockets that fit a good amount of diapers, and a full pack of wipes; two mesh pockets for hot or cold bottles to breathe; a zippered pocket for small things you don't want to lose; a key fob to attach your keys so they don't get lost in the void; and a binky (pacifier/dummy) string that allows you to tie the binky to it to keep it within reach!

This little beauty is just the pattern you need to make the perfect little bag! I'm so excited to be releasing the pattern soon. Be on the lookout, because she's going to be a popular one!

Happy sewing everyone!